[rumori] Illegal Art Chicago

From: James Allenspach (jimaATlegnog.com)
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 20:56:23 PST

We attended the opening reception at the Illegal Art show tonight. There
was a great turnout; by the time we left, there were at least 70 people
there. Pretty much all of the pieces on the IA Website were represented.
Personal favorite was definitely the Wally Wood Disneyland poster; you
can't really see the detail from the small image on the site, and
there's a lot of amazing detail in the thing. I love the two extra pairs
of legs underneath Alice's skirt, in the upper right-hand corner.

Local artists were well-represented, too. There were some new additions
to the show specifically for this leg of the tour. Our favorite was this
strange quilted picture with Spiderman; it looks like a painting until
you get up close and notice it's a quilt! Also represented was none
other than Dan Lynch, who has dome some graphic design for Negativland.
He had this amazing portrait of a smirking George W., standing in front
of a Ryder truck being driven by Timothy McVeigh. Below the poster was a
long detailed essay on how he constructed the portrait. Wish I had had
time to read the whole thing!

The video portion of the show was also represented. There's a smallish
room that I'm guessing is normally the breakroom for the In These Times
staff, where they had set up a VCR and TV. The tape they ran apparently
had about two hours worth of material on it, including not only the
pieces on the IA site, but a bunch of shorts from people like SF's
Laughing Squid and the Guerilla News Network. The best piece of video I
saw was this wonderful thing on the war on terrorism that inter-cut
footage of GWB blinking and looking foolish, with footage of the
weird-ass banjo-playing kid from 'Deliverance'. It's online, if you want
to see it. But it's only available in Windows Media format, unfortunately.


So.. yeah! The show is open, it looks great, and there are some
excellent events coming up in the next month or so as part of it. If
you're in the vicinity, you should definitely check it out.


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