[rumori] The Gleaners and I

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Mon Jan 27 2003 - 23:03:53 PST

I just saw a really great French documentary by Agnes Varda
called "The Gleaners and I". It's about people who make use of
what most of the world thinks of as trash, in its many varieties,
from dumpster divers to assemblage artists. Varda's starting
point is the venerable practice of "gleaning" - collecting
produce left in the fields after the harvest, for which there are
provisions still in European law. (maybe even in the U.S.?)

And there's a great french rap song about dumpster diving and
living on the streets...

if you can find the dvd or tape in a rental shop i recommend
getting it.

here's a review of the film:



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