[rumori] macrosound launch in 10, 9, 8 ...

From: rick silva (rickATlightmovingintime.com)
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 22:06:48 PST

announcement: new email list at hyperreal.org


macrosound is an email list about big sampling and remixing. users are encouraged to talk about remix culture, technique, aesthetics, and theory. users are also able to post links to their tracks and remixes and announce events. usual email list etiquette is the rule; no spam, no flamethrowers. this list is not moderated, and topics include but are not limited to:

mash ups, cut ups, bootlegs, bastard pop, covers, remixes, plunderphonics, john oswald, copyleft, evolution control committee, peer to peer, detritus.net, osymyso, eclecticmethod.net, creative commons, boomselection.net, dj z-trip, cartel communiqué, klf, soulwax, 2 many djs, mixology, peer to peer, detritus, "surf, sample, manipulate," uploadphonix, and weird al yankovik.

please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested

see you there,
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