Re: [rumori] doesn't like "shit"

From: matt davignon (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 14:13:13 PST

Well I can imagine's reasoning is that if you didn't label your
station as an "adult" station, there are young 'uns who who could 'surf'
onto your station page and have their innocence shattered by discovering
that there's this word called "shit". After all, the word still isn't
allowed on network or cable tv in the US.

But in the internet, it seems pretty outdated to ban the word "shit" on a
website, especially when my 5 year old niece gets unsolicited emails telling
her to click on the link for pictures of raunchy banyard sex.

>From: "Nicola Battista" <>
>I was updating a couple of "Stations" pages on
>One of those (
>had short description accompaining the tracks displayed on the page. I
>didn't modify these but did other modifications to the page (removed a few
>tracks, mostly).
>When I clicked to update the page, I got these two "error" messages
>displayed in red onto my screen:
>- Song Description "Here it is! The first installment in the Aperitivo
>Dozens of 1970s soundtracks, library music and other cool ecl3ctic shit
>be soon here for you!" contains explicit language "shit".
>- Song Description "Delirious! This guy is a sort of philosopher commenting
>(in Italian) on changing oneself's name and other shit... Not to mention
>ethnic music loops!" contains explicit language "shit".
>The funny fact is that now I can choose to update the page and remove the
>4-letter words, or leave the page unmodified and with some useless stuff on
>it (I had inserted artists like Offspring and other names just to drive
>traffic in there when they were in the highest chart places on
>even if those artists had nothing to do with the station "genre") but keep
>my beloved "SHIT" on screen.
>If you think that a couple years ago there were at least 20 successful
>artists making money with porn sound files and no one cared about that,
>"hypocrites" is the only word I can think of...
>Nicola DjB
>File Under Ecl3ctic:

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