[rumori] semi-ot: advice on audio editing hardware

From: jive brand mania (benATsupervillains.org)
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 19:26:38 PST

hey, kids. sorry this isn't directly related, but i think y'all might be
able to help out...

looking for advice on an upgrade path for a computer that's currently acting
as attached storage for our home network. think that with a little effort,
it could serve nicely to act as an editing box for much of the audio work
that we do (mostly cleaning up recordings from conferences and protests,
occasionally taking samples from them and throwing a beat behind).

it's a cyrix 233 in the old AT-style case w/ 128mb EDO RAM (max), a 6gig
5400 rpm hd (holds Win2k & software), an 80gig 7200 hard drive (for work &
storage), with an Aureal Vortex soundcard.

thoughts on cheapest/minimum requirements to be able to work with a 1.5 hour
recording (usually stored in mp3) in CoolEdit (or something else-
recommendations?) without having a nervous breakdown?

replies offlist, SVP.


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