[rumori] gosh what an update

Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 20:19:04 PST

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Some Assembly Required website has FINALLY been updated. I'm very sorry about not updating it a lot sooner (particularly to all you artists who've been getting played and perhaps not knowing it).

So - check out the Playlists, which are actually all there! And the News section documents the Sound Unseen shows and other events. There is also information on how to syndicate the show, if there is anyone on this list with ties to local program directors. And finally, links to many artist's sites, and to the small but growing new archive of old episodes of SAR online.
Comments and constructive criticism are always very welcome.

While I've got your "ear" - we've moved to 2PM on Radio K now, so if you're tuning in, don't forget the new time: 2-3PM, Saturdays on 770 Radio K (radiok.org).

Jon Nelson


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