[rumori] playlist 11/02

From: Edge Radio (edgeradioAThome.nl)
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 16:29:07 PST

Edge Radio Playlist February 11:

Sonic Youth/I.C.P./The Ex
IX (Konkurrent)

Kim Cascone
Edgeboundaries 123 (ben.sampl~ mix) (Cycling '74)

William Kleinsasser
Available Instruments (Cycling '74)

Denzel + Huhn
Faller (City Center Offices)

Tujiko Noriko
Give Face (Mego)

Eight Frozen Modules
Thought Process Disorder (Orthlorng Musork)

Roald Baudoux
Vitesse/Critique (Musiques et Recherches)

Radboud Mens
Pulse 021.3 (Staalplaat)

Kris De Baerdemaecker
Splash (Logos)

Ryoji Ikeda
op. 1 (for 9 strings) (Touch)

Toshimaru Nakamura
nimb #15 (A Bruit Secret)

Nickelsdorf 1 (Charhizma)

Burkard Stangl
Faible (Durian)

Jacques Tremblay
Oaristys (Empreintes Digitales)

Submissions can be sent to the adress below:

Edge Radio
show for experimental music

Radijsstraat 51a
9741BL Groningen The Netherlands

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