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UbuWeb Presents RADIO RADIO

RADIO RADIO can be accessed at:

RADIO RADIO is a sixteen-part series of forty-five minute broadcasts focused on sound
artists. The series features innovative radio producers, sound poets and audio artists in
conversation and performance: Gregory Whitehead, Stephen Erickson, Jennifer & Kevin
McCoy, cris cheek, Charles Bernstein, John Oswald, Bob Cobbing, Christof Migone, Michael
Basinski, Sianed Jones, Piers Plowright, Paul D. Miller (a.k.a DJ Spooky), Lawrence
Upton, Bufffluxus and Jane Draycott & Elizabeth James. Available in MP3 and streaming
RealAudio. Produced by Martin Spinelli.

Program 1: Gregory Whitehead has created remarkable sound for radio, the stage and the
gallery for over twenty years. His more than one-hundred radio plays, essays and
performances notably include Dead Letters, Pressures of the Unspeakable (winner of a Prix
Italia) and Shake Rattle Roll (winner of a Prix Futura). He has written extensively on
the unique qualities of "radio art" and co-edited the seminal radio criticism anthology
Wireless Imagination.

Program 2: Stephen Erickson has produced perhaps the best documentaries heard on radio
in the past twenty-five years and garnered numerous awards in the process (most
significantly a Gramy for his audio work on Ken Burns's series The Civil War). His Radio
Radio program features samples from his programs Forbidden Voyage, The Exile of Braten
Braten Bach, Airworks and The Blue Wall of Silence: the New York Police Department.

Program 3: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy are Brooklyn-based artist who cycle, repeat and morph
pop-culture tropes and images. Their series of microradio installations conflate gallery
patrons with pirate radio listeners while ironically tweaking the language of novels like
Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland and the corporate-promo-speak of the web. In New York
City their work has been exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, P.S.1, Postmasters
Gallery, The New Museum and other venues.

Program 4: cris cheek is a sound poet, performer, curator and SONY Award winner. He has
collaborated on the Slant series of CDs and has created soundtracks (or languagetracks)
for choreographers such as Michael Clarke, Kirstie Simpson, Miranda Tufnell, Lisa Nelson,
Patricia Bardi, Mary Prestidge, Sue MacLennan and Julyen Hamilton. In his Radio Radio
program cheek discusses "performance writing" and plays/performs "Public Announcement,"
"How Can this Hum Be Human" and other pieces.

Program 5: Charles Bernstein is a poet, critic and formerly the David Gray Chair of
Poetry and Letters at SUNY Buffalo, now professor of poetry at the University of
Pennsylvania. He is Executive Director of the Electronic Poetry Center and (perhaps most
famously) he produced with Bruce Andrews The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book which gave rise to its
own genre of writing. On his Radio Radio program he performs selections from his book
With Strings, his opera Shadowtime about the life of Walter Benjamin, and "Dear Mr.

Program 6: John Oswald's 1989 CD Plunderphonics spawned a new category of music which
samples not just pop songs, but their cultural contexts as well. Since then Oswald has
refined his "electroquoting" on the CDs Greyfolded, Electrax, Discosphere, Plexure and
the recently released Plunderphonics box set. In his Radio Radio program he talks about
the legal machinations that have surrounded his work and plays a range of examples.

Program 7: Bob Cobbing was a fixture on the London literary scene from the late 1940s
until his death in 2002. Despite being the publisher of Writers Forum, having produced
hundreds of books of poetry and pieces of visual art, and more-or-less inventing the
concept of the "sound text," he made remarkably few inroads into either institutionalized
art culture or academe. His Radio Radio program is his last broadcast interview.

Program 8: Christof Migone is a composer, performer and radio artist who heads the
Centre for Radiotelecommunication Contortions (CRTC) where the voice of his radio body
hems, haws, slurps, clicks, breaths, contorts, cuts, modulates and masticates. His CDs
include South Winds, Undo and Radio Folie/Culture. On Radio Radio he plays selections
from his other CDs Hole in the Head, Vex and the Death of Analogies.

Program 9: Michael Basinski sounds the poetry in "chart junk," the printers' ding-bats,
wing-dings and odd typefaces found in any casual scroll through your word processor's
font list. For more than twenty years he has performed choral voice collages and sound
texts with his intermedia performance ensemble The Ebma; The Ebma has released two Lps:
SEA and Enjambment.

Program 10: Sianed Jones & cris cheek are poets, musicians and multi-media artists who
have collaborated on the Slant series of CDs and performances. For Radio Radio they
present and discuss several versions of their book/CD/performance project Navigations in
Sound and discuss how in-situ studies of ethnopoetics have contributed to their own
performance styles.

Program 11: Piers Plowright worked for thirty years as a BBC producer of dramas,
documentaries and innovative features before setting out as an independent producer.
During this time his elegant and hybridized programs have won several SONY Awards and
three of radio's most significant award the Prix Italia. On Radio Radio he talks about
the evolution and the future of the medium and plays samples of his work from throughout
his career.

Program 12: Paul D. Miller, A.K.A. DJ Spooky, is a writer, visual artist and
platinum-selling recording artist. His mixes blend black radio and cartoon soundtracks
with vintage recordings of Thomas Edison and manage a rare combination of street
credibility and critical sensibility. In his program he discusses "the mix" as culture
and as metaphor.

Program 13: Lawrence Upton is the curator of London's long-running Subvoicive Poetry
series. Upton has been making poetry for nearly four decades and works in a variety of
writing genres. He divides his time between London, where he was born, and the west of
Cornwall and Scilly, where his family originates. His most recent collection, Wire
Sculptures, is published by Reality Street Editions.

Program 14: Jane Draycott & Elizabeth James have been collaborating on radio poetry
projects for several years. Their work has been heard on the BBC and on stations and
networks around the world. Draycott's latest collection Tideway (Two Rivers Press) is a
collaboration with artist Peter Hay. A sound montage made during the writing of the book
features in the Summer 2002 issue of Boomerang UK. James's poetry has been published by
Vennel Press, Form Books and Writers Forum (the latest being Recognition, 1999). Her
other collaborative projects include: Neither the One Nor the Other with Frances Presley
and 'Two Renga' with Peter Manson.

Program 15: The BuffFluxux ensemble consisted of Matt Chambers, Rick Royer, Mark Peters,
Natalie Basinski and Mike Basinski at the time of this recording. Based in Buffalo, New
York, they have performed at venues throughout North America and Europe. For their Radio
Radio program they perform "Five Minutes of Eternity," "Breath Song of the Soil Fungi"
and "Shit Piece."

Program 16: Bob Cobbing & Lawrence Upton had worked together on Writers Forum for over
thirty years and had been collaborating sound and voice performers for nearly as long.
Together they produced the seminal sound-text anthology Word Score Utterance Choreography
and the pamphlet series Domestic Ambient Noise from which they perform during their Radio
Radio program.

UbuWeb presents RADIO RADIO

RADIO RADIO can be accessed at:

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