[rumori] Channel 2 news on Clear Channel

From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 22:45:34 PST

Channel 2 10 O'clock news just did a segment on Clear Channel's monopoly
over 9 of the most popular stations in the San Francisco Bay area. They went
to Clear Channel's office and interviewed some of their people, then
interviewed KPFA (public station) dj Davey D (who used to work for KMEL, the
big rap/rnb station).

The focus on the report was that several of the popular "local" dj's are
actually out of LA or Phoenix, and just come up to SF to do a 'live' show
twice a month, so the local audience thinks the dj's actualy live here.
Quote from the Clear Channel PR guy:

"This actually works to the audience's advantage, since they get to really
hear the best of the nation's dj personalities. There really aren't that
many people in the country with quality personalities."

The reporter did mention the word "monopoly", but it was in this context:

"Critics of modern radio often state that this is a monopoly, and doesn't
serve audience interests. That's why Davey D is encouraging people to take
part in the 'Turn Off The Radio' campaign. I'm ___ ____, reporting for
Channel 2 news."

What, we don't get to hear about the campaign? Honestly, I'm really
surprised Channel 2 did the report at all.


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