[rumori] playlist 2502

From: Edge Radio (edgeradioAThome.nl)
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 04:36:27 PST

Edge Radio playlist February 25 2003:

Black Sabbath Medley Reversible (Ipecac)

Fend Off Your Miserable Grief (Warp)

Esplendor Geometrico
Sinaya (Daft Records)

Christian Boltanski
Reconstruction de Chansons Qui Ont Et Chant (Audio By Visual Artists,

Richard Hulsenbeck
Four Poems from Phantastische Gebete (Audio By Visual Artists, UbuWeb)

Bund Deutscher Programmierer
Compuetheakeln (Rather Interesting)

Wars Of Islam (Grey Area)

Bill Laswell
Black Aether (Tzadik)

Gotfried Bechtold
Naher Osten (ORF)

Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi
Flypaper 3 (Staubgold)

Rafael Toral
Liberté (Touch)

Günter Müller
1. 8.33 (For4ears)

Tetsu Inoue/Carl Stone
^.error (Cycling ’74)

Markus Eichenberger’s Domino Concept for Orchestra
Part IV (Emanem)

10/29/02 ( forthcoming on Anomalous)

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Edge Radio

Edge Radio
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9741BL Groningen The Netherlands
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