Re: [rumori] Google you!

From: matt davignon (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 10:38:44 PST

That's kind of strange, considering that many companies wish for that kind
of PR. Consider Pepsi's latest ad campaign, asking people to stop using the
word "Coke" for any cola. The widespread usage of the word "google" to
indicate an internet search results in more people going to when
they need to do so.


>From: James Allenspach <>
>To: "A little dog..." <>,
>Subject: [rumori] Google you!
>Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:22:07 -0600
>Google is beginning to send out warning letters to Websites, advising them
>to stop using the word "google" as a verb. I'm sure they got that legal
>advice from the lawyers for Aspirin, Kleenex, and Xerox.
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