[rumori] playlist 0304

From: Edge Radio (edgeradioAThome.nl)
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 02:05:42 PST

Edge Radio Playlist March 04 2003:

Christof Migone
Sylvian Lecoq #1
Sylvian Lecoq #2
Henri Bes
Henri Müller (Radio Rethink, The Banff Centre Of The Arts)

Mikael Stävostrand
Repl (Clicks and Cuts 2, Mille Plateaux)

Günther Schroth
Code 39 in Rotation (Archegon)

Leif Elggren/Autrement qu’être (Pneuma, Sunihisa Arima, Tetsuo Furudate)
Othello as Noise Opera – i. Overture (Les Disques du Soleil et de

Paul Dibley
Back To Fore. Performed by Jos Zwaanenburg (pauldibley.com)

Mika Vainio
Hän Oli Ääni Joskus/He Was A Sound Sometimes (Touch)

Henri Jacob’s Vortex
David L. Talcott – Trilogy
Henry Jacobs – Electronic Kabuki Mambo (Locust)

Running Free (from the computergame Doom)

We Are The Robots (EMI)

Ambrose Field
Pyrotechnic! (Prix Ars Electronica 97, ORF)

Einstürzende Neubauten
Die Elektrik (Mute)

Jason Lescaleet
Ambidextrous And Half Japanese Is For Rafael Toral And John Hudak (Cut)

Repeat (Toshimaru Nakamura & Jason Kahn)
track no. 1 (Cut)

Plexu Glass (Deco)

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Edge Radio
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Radijsstraat 51a
9741BL Groningen The Netherlands
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