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Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 15:19:20 PST


>what are people reading for news?
>I'm mainly on, has a lot of good stuff too.
>tv coverage is horrifying, they've learned a LOT from the recent
>methodology of reality tv shows.

I just copied this lot off of the WFMU message board. There is also


Alternative News Sources


America Held Hostile

American Politics Journal

American Prospect

The American Reporter Daily

Americans Against World Empire


Bush Watch


Citizens for Legitimate Government

Common Dreams

Counter Punch

Democratic Underground


Electronic Intifada

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

In These Times

The Irish Eye

Media Whores Online

The Nation

News Insider

Online Journal

Right is Wrong

The Smirking Chimp

Smudge Report



World War 3 Report

Working For Change



Sources For Middle East & War/Peace News


Arabic News

Daily Islamic News

Dennis J. Kucinich's (D-Ohio) Action and Information Center

Electronic Intifada

The Forward (NYC Jewish Weekly)

>From The Wilderness

Frontier Post (Peshawar Pakistan)

Gulf Times

Iraq Daily

Iraq News Agency

Islamic Republic Headlines

Islam Online

Jane's Defence Weekly

Jordan Times

The Jerusalem Post

Muslim Directory Online

The News International, Pakistan

Pakistan Observer

Palestine Daily


Tehran Times

Tocqueville Connection (French News In English)

Middle East Times

US Department of Defense

Yemen Times


Good sites for immediete news and rumors

Drudge Report

Google News

InstaPundit.Com (a compendium of new weblog material)

Yahoo AP Headlines

Yahoo Most Emailed News

Online Newspapers (access to 1000's of newspapers worldwide)


Alternative News & Activist Radio

Mike Malloy & Peter Werbe

Malloy is hard hitting and a little wild (I prefer him), but Werbe is
solid as well.

Live stream here daily -
Archives here -

Here's the live schedule (weekdays)

Werbe - 12-3 pm EST
rebroadcast - 6-9 pm EST

Malloy - 3-6 pm EST
rebroadcast - 9-12 am EST

Malloy's Website -

Other archived radio shows of interest -

Counter Spin

On The Media

Radio Nation

Democracy Now!

Shortwave Report (compendium of weekly world SW news)

More radio here -

If you have a shortwave radio, this site is a great guide to all
major english language broadcasts


Anti-War Pages

Move On

Not In Our Name

Stop World War 3

United For Peace & Justice

Pro-War Links

American Spectator

Fox News

George W. Bush

Michael Savage


Rush Limbaugh


Two video cut-ups of Bush State of the Union Speeches

Anti-Bush Humor here

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