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From: PeterALopez (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 03:51:31 PST

Sorry for more nonsense, but often a great interpretation of what's going on, and the world's view, happens at the press conferences. so i would suggest listening into those when they occur. most likely everyday one will happen in the morning around 9. another at lunch time and another at 4-ish. (EST)

what to expect (of the US coalition conferences) are one or two questions plugged in by the organization who sponsored the event, several 3-4 questions from the world news organizations usually condeming our actions. Typically these have come from AlJazeera and the Chinese reporters. One question for stupidity/laugh value. And one or two pertinent questions. and lastly several quetsions which have already been answered or asked.

history decides a truth.

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