[rumori] Fwd: Events 3/27-1/9

From: Indiana Verb Jam (benATsupervillains.org)
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 09:16:02 PST

seems like the kind of thing you folks'd be into.


> The Brecht Forum
> 122 West 27th St. 10th Fl.
> NYC (Betw. 6th & 7th Aves.)
> 1,9,N,R to 28th St.
> F to 23rd
> St., PATH to 23rd St, C/E to 23rd St.
> 212.242.4201
> infoATbrechtforum.
> www.brechtforum.org

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Friday, March 28
> 9:00 pm

> Ron Anderson: Music for Piano, Percussion and Analog Tape

> Premiere of new compositions by multi-instrumentalist Ron Anderson
> Anderson began experimenting with tape editing, found sounds, noise and
> improvisation in his compositions in the early 80s. He has 39 CDs or LPs
> to his credit, including the recent "Big Shoes" by Ronruins. Anderson
> has performed and recorded with numerous bands and artists including
> Pak, The Molecules, Vacuum Tree Head, Rat at Rat R, Happy New Year,
> Yoshida Tatsuya, John Zorn, Daniel Carter, The Sun City Girls, The Pool,
> Elliot Sharp, Marc Ribot, Shelly Hirsch and Otomo Yoshihide.
> www.ronanderson-molecules.com
> Admission: $10

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