[rumori] Re-Appropriating from the Bootleggers

From: PeterALopez (pl1xATearthlink.net)
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 08:47:54 PDT

According to this thread:


"A pathetic indie band from scotland called 'Speedway' have decided to do a 'cover' of A Stroke of Genius.
Its bad, but hey, fair enough. Virgin, their label, have thrown thousands at it, keen to repeat the Rich X success.High budget video etc.. Roy(Freelance) however has not even been contacted/asked. Its a little bit shit eh ?"

(Stroke of Genius = instrumental from Britney and acapella from Aquillera)

Does the bootlegger have any grounds for objection or monetary settlements? ($, $, $!!!)

With traditional pop tunes, don't you have to get some kind of clearance before you can 'legally' sell a cover version? I can see how it would be easy for the major labels to get each others permissions, to cash in on the 'new illegal underground' cHOONage.

Anyone know of any art world lawsuits where an artist sues a corp. for reinterpretting (a little too closely) their work without permission?


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