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Rumori - the Detritus Discussion List

rumori is for general discussion of the Detritus site and relevant topics (appropriation in art, copyright law, copy culture, etc.) It's also an appropriate place to announce relevant events that you know about (concerts, art exhibits, new books or other media being published, etc). The list is an attempt to lean away from fandom of particular artists and toward a more balanced study and sharing of knowledge, as art producers, consumers and scholars.

Rumori has developed into quite an interesting discussion space in the past few years. It tends to get rather deep and philosophical at times, but open-minded and (mostly) polite. A learning experience for many, a rantspace for some. You are encouraged to browse the list archives (see below), especially before you post a question or topic that's already been discussed extensively.

This list is private, meaning you must be on it to post to it. However they are open to any who are interested, and are at this time unmoderated. click here to subscribe.

Rumori Archives
Old Rumori Archives (April 2003 - August 2005)

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