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>From: Vicki Bennett <>
>Subject: Re: [plunderphonia] sampling = free promotion
>[peter risser said:]
>>Yeah, I definitely think, just out of courtesy, artists should list
>>samples. ...
>I would never list the samples that I use because I'd prefer people find
>them for themselves rather than be handed the bones on a plate. ...

    I disagree, and we've put out a few releases where an "audiography"
listing sample sources has been included. Originally I liked this idea
because when sample-based pop music was a newer idea everyone was playing
the game of "spot the sample". I decided it was better to get over the
guessing game so that people would focus more on the music. I also view the
music a bit like a research paper; you should cite your sources. If I have
some respect for the source (i.e. it's not corporately produced or Robert
Tilton), I kind of view it as the least I can do since they went to the
bother of making the source material.
    On the listening end, I appreciate being able to investigate the
original appearances of samples I hear in other work. Often I'm so used to
the reconstituted version that hearing the original appearance seems like
an eerie remix of it.
    Hmmm, there's a question -- how many of your sample sources do you have
some [artistic/ideological/etc.] respect or appreciation for?

>As far as I'm concerned, if something has been made available to the public
>(recordings, radio etc) then I am ready to receive it. There will always
>be more people paying than those who take for free like me so what's the
>problem? Most people live to buy finished products and wouldn't know what
>to do with themselves if they couldn't pay - so they can pay the artists
>their share of the deal. ...

    For the most part I'd have to agree with all that, and that's a good
way of putting it too.

>Rules are ridiculous when they are based on worse case scenarios and that
>is why the copyright law is pointless. If we are killing the music biz by
>sampling then it should die. Most of them are stupid old buggers who
>believed it when they said synthesizers were going to kill orchestras too.
>Oh - they did? I thought it was the music biz.

    Heheh.... again, well put. It reminds me a lot of the arguments made
for and against software piracy. The software industry associations make
wild claims about the theoretical losses suffered by software companies
based on the presumption that everyone with an illegal copy of a program
"robs" them of a sale -- clearly wrong, since only a small percentage of
those would have actually shelled out the money. The music industry isn't
much different; I have a bunch of MP3s of bands that I'm interested in but
probably would never have bought. I don't feel guilty, because if the bands
are as good as the record companies say they are then I'll just be enticed
to buy their next thing and/or previous releases when I see them in a
store, and I probably wouldn't have done that if I hadn't heard them first.

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