Re: [rumori] credit where credit is (un)due?
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:53:23 -0400

I am probably going to cite my sources when I'm finished with my CD. But
what level of recognition is significant? I know my pink floyd from my led
zeppelin, but not my brahms from my wagner. Maybe I'll find some common
denominator; substitute Led Zep with "70's Brit Rock" and Wagner with
"[whatever] classical."

Also, sometimes we bend sounds out of recognition. Should we still cite
them? I may. Maybe I'll cite some sources I never used....

On a side note....

>Actually there's a pretty good article about mp3s in Rolling Stone >(the
issue with the unnaturally pale nicole kidman mannikin on the >cover. heh.)

They actually debuted Nicole Kidman's new movie on her forehead ;^)


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