Re: [rumori] credit where credit is (un)due?
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:24:51 EDT

In a message dated 99-06-30 11:26:14 EDT, you write:

<< however, i said "been" because i think i have mixed, or changing thoughts
 about this now. The citation of sources is an act that is very
 self-concious, part of the statement: "I am appropriating. Look at me. I
 sample. It's okay." However, I would like to move on; I'd like to make
 work that uses appropriation, but not as an end, but a means to a
 different end, that being whatever point each particular piece is trying
 to make. As such, crowing about how great copyright infringement and
 sampling are is just diluting whatever you're trying to get across. >>

In agreement with you on this. The issues of copyright are important to me,
obviously, as they may effect my output, but they really have nothing to do
with the creative act itself and I really don't want to see the day when
those issues are the only ones inspiring me to mix in the first place. I
have, occasionally, mixed a track with the issues of the right to reuse
cultural material as a theme, but I like to think that thats rare.

<< i'd like to say none. but it ends up being maybe 5%. sometimes i can't
 resist. But my reason for appropriating is not to pay tribute or respect.
 You might as well ask the BLF if they've modified any billboards they
 like. heh. >>

I don't see that comparison, I guess. I thought what the BLF was doing had
more to do with negative images or ideas on billboards, which they then took
it upon themselves to correct in a manner which would cause the average
passerby to at least take notice and to think about it.

I've never really felt like I was doing that with collage. Well, ok,
obviously it is part of what I'm doing - sometimes specific samples are used
in conjunction with other samples specifically to make a point, but on
average, the MUSICAL samples used have less to do with cultural comment than
do the words and sfx. However, neither are they used as a tribute.

Just my two cents.

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