Re: [rumori] credit where trifle is (un)due?

Steev (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:13:40 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Vicki Bennett wrote:

>I like the idea of not worrying why you're
>doing something, because really there are a number of reasons and the page
>should be blank when you begin, not full of post-it stickers! It is more
>definable and marketable to not be like this but well, at the end of the
>day it makes life difficult to think that you are a certain thing.

well, now we're just talking about personal art-making preferences.
i'm not sure whether you're still talking about genre, or about aesthetic

>Hey, Steev, I like the way you've hijacked this from the Plunderphonia
>list! It's rather like going to your neighbour's house and telling their
>guests that you have the trifle. They're sitting there on the
>Plunderphonia list all bored, tapping their fingers wondering why everyone
>went quiet. Ha!

they really should all just come over here... ;-)

hey, for us yanks, what's trifle? should i want some?

>- not that I accept it of course! The home taping (is killing music etc)
>law - they didn't actually make it legal, did they? They just
>decriminalized it. And didn't really bother to tell anyone. But I may be
>wrong. I'm sure you'll know and tell me. I'm thinking that this will

are you talking about the tax on blank tape? I'm pretty sure that never
actually happened. At least in the U.S.

>happen with sampling - not some big rehash of the whole law. The law will
>be relaxed because so many people are doing it. But yes I agree, no one
>SHOULD be paying for appropriation or parody.

I really meant no one should really pay for culture at all. or very
little. but dont mind me, i'm a marxist...


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