Re: [rumori] credit where trifle is (un)due?

Vicki Bennett (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 17:33:24 +0100

Steev said
>The citation of sources is an act that is very
>self-concious, part of the statement: "I am appropriating. Look at me. I
>sample. It's okay." However, I would like to move on; I'd like to make
>work that uses appropriation, but not as an end, but a means to a
>different end, that being whatever point each particular piece is trying
>to make. As such, crowing about how great copyright infringement and
>sampling are is just diluting whatever you're trying to get across.

Yes. I personally get rather bored with things once they become a genre
because we know what it is. I like the idea of not worrying why you're
doing something, because really there are a number of reasons and the page
should be blank when you begin, not full of post-it stickers! It is more
definable and marketable to not be like this but well, at the end of the
day it makes life difficult to think that you are a certain thing.

Hey, Steev, I like the way you've hijacked this from the Plunderphonia
list! It's rather like going to your neighbour's house and telling their
guests that you have the trifle. They're sitting there on the
Plunderphonia list all bored, tapping their fingers wondering why everyone
went quiet. Ha!

me said
>->> There will always
>->>be more people paying than those who take for free like me so what's the
>->>problem? Most people live to buy finished products and wouldn't know what
>->>to do with themselves if they couldn't pay - so they can pay the artists
>->>their share of the deal. ...

Steev said
>I dont agree with this. First of all, by stating that there are more
>people paying so it's okay for you to not, you're implying that they're
>taking up some kind of slack, some total amount of money owed for our
>culture is still being paid; even though you're not paying your share, the
>total gets payed so everything is fine. I won't rehash the point someone
>else made on the list, basically that this makes you out to be some sort
>of immoral slacker. That's debatable. But beyond that, I would argue that
>this "total debt for culture" is a tiny fraction of what our society pays,
>or perhaps even ZERO.
>So, yes, you shouldnt be paying, **but neither should anyone else.**

Yes, I knew this would have people talk about nicking from the neighbours
fridge (although I SAID we had trifle) etc, but I guess I'm commenting more
on how it is right now rather than how it should be, and why I don't worry
- not that I accept it of course! The home taping (is killing music etc)
law - they didn't actually make it legal, did they? They just
decriminalized it. And didn't really bother to tell anyone. But I may be
wrong. I'm sure you'll know and tell me. I'm thinking that this will
happen with sampling - not some big rehash of the whole law. The law will
be relaxed because so many people are doing it. But yes I agree, no one
SHOULD be paying for appropriation or parody.

>Second, I don't agree that "most people live to buy finished products".
>They've been conditioned to live that way.

I agree, and hope I project anti-convention in that area of my life. But
once again, I wasn't saying people SHOULD live this way, just that a huge
amount do.

Anyway, yes. I don't really have any trifle, by the way.


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