Re: [rumori] Yahoo copyright grab

Nicola Battista (
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 14:32:00 +0200

> wrote:
>>yikes - this is supposed to calm people down? They'll be arbitrarily
>>converting 24-bit images from people's pages to 8-bit?.... [snippage]
>>Taken a step further, it could really screw
>>up people's reputations and/or businesses...
>Yeah, it's sort of like those bastards who gleefully muck around with
>samples without any regard for how they were originally supposed to... oh.
> I know that the parallel isn't even close to being perfect; colour depth
>and sample context are only barely related as far as I'm concerned, and I'm
>going to assume that this holds true for most other people on this list,

let me tell you something: I once made a quick page for a friend of mine
who had sent me a pic of herself. The site (you can find it under and then clicking on "Posing
for an Electric Warhol") consisted in 8 photoshop manipulations of the same
pic sent by my friend.
As I wanted to post it quickly and I have few knowledges of html (and I
didnt have Visual Page at the time) I made the pages with Microsoft
Publisher. Not only it displays crappy alignments (I centred a group of
four pics on every page, and in the preview they're perfectly centered...
instead when I saw the site online the pics tend to align themselves on the
right... and I nver had the time to correct this so it's still up this
way...) but the most horrible Publisher function was that it recreated a
GIF picture from every jpg I had used, thus reducing the colors of pics and
ruining some of the effects I had used. Not that I consider myself a *real*
graphic artist... but I really hated that; I opened the source HTML with
win95's Notepad and I edited the files so that they could use the original
jpegs in place of the GIF... and I removed the gif versions.

Now think for a second: what if entire Geocities sites with hundreds of
great JPG pics had all of them converted into GIF?!!

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

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