Re: [rumori] Yahoo copyright grab

Nicola Battista (
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 14:32:11 +0200

Anki Toner wrote:
>It seems that too many of us are willing to use use everybody else's
>output in a copyright-free way, but not so willing to give away our
>output in the same way.

I want to use bits of other people's works... but this is different as I
don't think you can compare the actions of one guy and his computer
sampling records in a bedroom and one large corporation giving away free
space and then claiming that the content of that space can be used for
whatever they want.
If I had enough money and I were releasėng 10000 copies of an album I would
try legalizing the samples, because I'm not entirely a "no copyright" head
as probably some of you might remember from my older posts.

btw - let's see an example of what's happening:
I still have a site somewhere on geocities which had old outdated shareware
programs of mine. I even used to call them "crapware" as they now look
really crap (some of them were done from 8086 or 386 machines). Anyway,
those programs have already been included in cds in the past and I
certainly had no problem with that; I even encouraged people to
redistribute those (and a few folks even dared to register and sent some
10$ checks) ;)

So if Geocities had a cd out with my entire site I couldn't care less.
Instead, the official site for an Italian comic book artist, Leo Ortolani
and his Fan Club (devoted to his main charachter Rat-Man, an hilarious
parody of superheroes published by Marvel Italia) is on Geocities.
This page ( ) contains pictures
of Ortolani's charachters and he only gave permission to the fan club
members for using them on the web. I don't think he would be happy seeing
them on cd without his permission.

Conclusion: if Geocities wants to put out the site on cd-rom, the Rat-Man
page will be moved to another server (there are at least two offers from
comic book sites interested in offering space to display those pages, plus
the president of the fan club was considering moving to

>I have also seen too many sampling bands (and allegedly intelligent
>people) complain for being sampled (and not being credited, for
>Sometimes, we should think it twice before speaking/writing.

I thought twice and maybe more. I still think it's different... just my

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

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