Re: [rumori] Yahoo copyright grab

Andrew Lander (
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 07:30:47 PDT

>From: Nicola Battista <>
>I want to use bits of other people's works... but this is different as I
>don't think you can compare the actions of one guy and his computer
>sampling records in a bedroom and one large corporation giving away free
>space and then claiming that the content of that space can be used for
>whatever they want.
>If I had enough money and I were releasėng 10000 copies of an album I would
>try legalizing the samples, because I'm not entirely a "no copyright" head
>as probably some of you might remember from my older posts.

I agree. I copyright my own work, unless it's entirely recombinant. But I
also point out that I support Fair Use. If a publisher wants to reprint one
of my poems in a book I want them to contact me and give me credit and at
least one copy of the book. If Joe Websurfer likes something I've written
and wants to print it out and give some copies to friends then, whether or
not copyright law sees that as infrigement, I see it as okay and wouldn't
think of doing anything to stop him. If he claimed he wrote it and put it
up on the web, then I'd be pissed and complain, but I wouldn't sue him. If
Yahoo did the same thing I probably would (or at least try). I don't expect
to make any money off of my poetry, so I'd at least like credit.

Of course if anyone did a parody of something I've written I have no
problem. In fact someone did, and I put it up on my site and gave her the
credit and copyright.

PV does a similar thing with samples. We sample sometimes, and we don't
always know what the source was. If someone else sampled us we'd only want
a copy of their finished recording - simply because we'd like to hear it
(and maybe sample them in return). We also want them to grant the same
right to sample their own work. We've considered starting a remix/reuse
project where we'd record an original song and others would remix and mutate
it and in turn be remixed and sampled and reused themselves, ad whateverium.

Now in the extremely unlikely event that some major record company wanted to
release a compilation with one of our pieces on it, we'd want the right to
say "no" and renumeration if we said "yes". And our name under the title,
of course!

Andrew Lander

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