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Steev (
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:40:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Vicki Bennett wrote:

>This is a good argument so I thought I'd transfer it from Plunderphonia.

thanx vicki, and thanx for the plugging rumori on the other list the other

>>From: Peter Risser <>
>>I certainly am not claiming a high art vs low art philosophy such that
>>Negativland is free and clear to do what they want and DJ Shadow or the
>>Beastie Boys or Beck go to sample hell.

>>I'm looking for a relaxation of some sort that at least allows the
>>concept that recycling is natural in art. It used to be analog
>>recycling, and now it's digital. All art is based on what came before.
>> You can always find a predecessor or an antecedant. It's just that
>>these days, they are more literal.

>>An interesting Cage-ian sore of concept. Here's my "Art". It's an MC
>>Hammer record. :)
>>Suddenly, hey, everyone's an artist.
>>I don't know. Except that artists are there to help push the
>>boundaries, and I suppose there would be a few who claimed it was their
>>first amendment right to do that. The rest of us, even those on the
>>list, would probably just shake our heads sadly.

hmm, let's see here - peter begins by saying he's not pushing a high art
vs. low art philosophy, yet here he seems to be making a value judgement
about what art is.

and what's this about "artists are there to help push the boundaries?"
I don't want to get into a huge debate about the definition of Art,
but let's be real, i think peter's confused; perhaps he just forgot to
put the words "avant-garde" before "artists". Because that's the
traditional definition of the avant-garde. They're literally on the
forefront, pushing ahead, showing the way for other artists. but this is
not to say that all artists must be doing that. If I want to paint yet
another realist watercolor sunset, I'm still an artist.

The only headshaking i'm doing is that we're rehasing this low/high

>>> Another Stupid Argument:
>>> Is it ok if i come round to your house and take a
>>> few photographs of you? i
>>> intend to replicate them on posters above offensive
>>> messages such as '<Your
>>> Name> -- Child Molester'. You may wish to stop me,
>>> but i will defend my
>>> actions as an artistic statement about people, and i
>>> will make sure i have a
>>> small but annoyingly vocal minority on my side.

yes, it's stupid. that's libel or slander or defamation, not copyright
infringement. simple, different, end of story. bye.

>>> My point being that i still think the principle of
>>> copyright is fine the way
>>> it has worked out in practice (not in theory).

As long as you're willing to continue to be (in theory) an outlaw,
that's fine. As soon as you in practice become an outlaw, you'll
probably change your mind.


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