Re: [rumori] Re: [plunderphonia]

Tue, 6 Jul 1999 21:58:15 +0200

>->>> Another Stupid Argument:
>->>> Is it ok if i come round to your house and take a
>->>> few photographs of you? i

>yes, it's stupid. that's libel or slander or defamation, not copyright
>infringement. simple, different, end of story. bye.

sorry for my poor phrasing.. i meant 'take' as in steal your photographs,
which you owned, but which also featured you. so it was your property, or
but the point has been lost now.

>->>> i still think the principle of
>->>> copyright is fine the way
>->>> it has worked out in practice (not in theory).
>As long as you're willing to continue to be (in theory) an outlaw,
>that's fine. As soon as you in practice become an outlaw, you'll
>probably change your mind.

As a 'theory' outlaw, i hold no fears about being sued in practice. i
believe i'm using other people's property when i sample, if they ask for it
back, they have every right to do so.


>Steev Hise, Automagickal Adept

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