Re: [rumori] Cheetos???

suzi (
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 10:06:58 -0400

>>Mention Cheetos and the list goes mad. What are Cheetos?
>Cheetos are the dried turds of giant rats that have been fed a diet
>exclusively of cheese and carbonated water. Is it any wonder mentioning
>them drives people mad?

Actually, I thought cheetos were more like styrofoam packing shells coated in orange powder and strong hallucinogenic drugs to a) make you believe that you are eating something cheesey and b)keep you craving more.

> It's like the first time one learns what goes on in
>the underground bunkers of McDonalds - you hate to think what you've been
>eating all these years.

In the case of their shakes that would be milk product, chocolate powder (or brown powder with that same hallucinogenic drug) and seaweed.

I've had trifle, I thought it was delicious, and I think we should dump the cheetos in favor of the former. Or we could be true to the spirit of the list, crash a dinner party, sample various dishes, go home and mix the samples into a brand new vitamin filled goulash that is alltogether something new.

Without stealing the entire dish and claiming its our own.

********Suzi "Challenging the attention span*******
******of mere mortals" Cole***********************

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