[rumori] Cheatahs?

Taylor McLaren (pasteATinterlog.com)
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 00:38:11 -0400

MEEP! suzi wrote:
>Or we could be true to the spirit of the list, crash a dinner party,
>sample various dishes, go home and mix the samples into a
>brand new vitamin filled goulash that is alltogether something new.
In other words, you want us to throw up and call it art.
  Don't mind me... I'm just upset that I missed the chance to get the
trifle joke rolling.

More in the spirit of actual discussion...
  Steev wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, GASK wrote:
>>->As a 'theory' outlaw, i hold no fears about being sued in practice. i
>>->believe i'm using other people's property when i sample, if they ask for
>>->it back, they have every right to do so.
>Well, sorry if i've offended you, but the point i was trying to make is
>that if you're an artist, and you really don't care that the law says that
>practicing your art the way you're practicing it is wrong, in fact says
>that if it decides to it can DESTROY your art and fine you and maybe put
>you in jail, then, well, that just seems really contradictory and
>pointless and weak.
Not that Monsieur LeGasque isn't perfectly capable of saying this himself,
but I think there's a distinction to be made between not caring about the
treatment/destruction of one's art and not claiming any more direct
ownership of sampled material than is considered to be held by the "author"
of the samples in question. I certainly didn't get any sense that the
phrase "they have every right to do so", when used with respect to
complaining about the use of samples, would necessarily lead to the
excision of those samples from the work in which they were used... it reads
like more of a statement of communal "ownership" (and I don't even like to
use that word here... "usership", maybe?) than anything else.

Meanwhile, in Tarnation, Jason wrote:
>Perhaps the fan is a sadist, or the artist is a masochist, and therefore
>wouldn't fully enjoy the work unless there was a sense of danger,
>underground, and threat to the activity??
It probably isn't sporting to say this in a blanket-statement sort of way,
but judging from the bring-it-on attitudes that get the headlines in
Plunderphonicsland, it definitely seems as though there's an element of
danger-wank in the production of this sort of music (see "illegal art" and
such). And I promise that I will stop using so many damned hyphens now.

I still don't buy the "Geocities is going to produce a commercial CD-ROM"
line, by the way.


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