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The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 03:32:18 -0400

    A few things to mention before I get into the copious replies:

<> I have been doing a bit of Shoutcasting (streaming MP3 net
broadcasting), which is listenable by all you Windows and Linux types but
not you Mac types (sorry). One thing I think many of you would be
interested in is my occasional DrunkCast, where I play almost all the
samples on my hard drive, one after the other with no pauses, randomly
ordered. It makes for an interesting instant collage. It's also extremely
easy to set up with WinAmp. (Drag your whole sample directory onto it and
hit shuffle and repeat. It includes everything in subdirectories too.)
    To listen, open your streaming mp3 listener (like WinAmp or mpeg123 or
whatever) to:

    If there's an error, try again another day. Frequently heard during
daytime hours in the Eastern time zone (UTC-0500).

<> I'm in the process of formalizing an umbrella label for The Evolution
Control Committee (and other bands we already handle): it will be called
Evolution Controlled Creations. The current intention is for a definite
focus on appriated/plagiarhythmic/whatever music. The first release will be
a compilation of tracks that use Prince's 1999 as a source. I don't have a
proper guideline for submissions yet, but if this sounds interesting to you
drop me a line and I'll make sure you get one when it's ready, which should
be soon. Hell, I'll probably just send one to this list anyways.

    Lots of traffic to reply to... first, from a ways back:

>EFF Launches Online Campaign to Support Digital Audio Free Expression
>John Perry Barlow Kicks Off Campaign at MP3 Summit During Keynote

    Interesting to note the first quote from their web page on this:

"Piracy of an artist's work is illegal. FAIR USE IS NOT."

Nelson/Escaped Mechanics:
>I thought about trying to list all of the sources once the disc was
>but it was impossible by that point to remember what they all were and I was
>not even thinking along those lines when I was working on them. In the end I
>thought it would be unfair to mention only some of the samples (the ones I
>could remember) and not all of them, and so I opted to say nothing.

    As luck would have it, much of the musical output we make stems from a
limited number of sources, so perhaps it's not as hard to list all of
'em... though faced with that question, I thought it better to credit some
versus none. I'd like to be credited as a sample in something (though not
necessarily paid), so I figure it's good karma to do the same.

>for my work that's where i've been coming from, too. listing your sources
>is like footnotes in a paper. however, meticulous record-keeping is
>sometimes an obstacle to the creative process; i compromise sometimes by
>describing the sources in a very general way when i can't remember -
>"miscellaneous christian talk radio", or whatever.

    I usually try to list after the fact, going back and digging up the
source tapes/records for proper crediting. That way it's not so awkward
when you're in a creative spirit and on a roll.

>Plus, it seems like the technology is only making it easier to keep trakc of
>those samples... instead of dusty tapes with labels coming off as the glue
>we've got a hard-drive full of sample bits that afford the possibility of
>track of their origins and how they've been manipulated. (This from
someone who
>knows little about the technology he supposes he's describing.)

    True; I find myself relying now almost exclusively on hard drive
storage of my samples rather than tapes and older media, though I certainly
haven't completely abandoned that yet. It does present a new opportunity
for that, as long as I take the moment to properly document my source in
the first place. :-)

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista:
>btw-- If Offspring ;) put my picture on a female body and then stick that
>image on their cover I would have a laugh and enjoy the free publicity too

    I think I'd have to agree... It's really true that "there is NO bad
publicity". Even if Spin writes about how The Evolution Control Committee
are a bunch of lazy slackers for relying on samples, it's going to get more
people knowing about what we do than a hundred glowing Factsheet Five
reviews. Yes, most Spin readers won't like ECC stuff, but I'll betcha the
ones that do (and those who hear of ECC second-hand because of it) will
likely make it very worthwhile.
    For what it's worth -- publicity may not be a motivation for everyone,
but here at ECC headquarters we're all for it. :-) What can be said; the
idea of doing this for a living (if even a substandard one) is quite

>On list topic: El Turco Loco (Khan's Label) put out _Alec Empire vs. Elvis
>Presley_ this week. Wonder if they'll get sued? Presley's crooning over
>broke break beats. Fun to some.

    Amusing... how does one get a copy? Meanwhile I have a little mix I did
of Alex Empire vs. Austin Powers (sad that nobody knows Quincy Jones and
R.H.Kirk did the tune, actually). Listen to it for a limited time at:


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