Re:[rumori] Cheatahs? (Oh! This was a forward from Steev!)

Andrew Lander (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 06:45:30 PDT

>From: kristie <>

>oh, yay, an excuse to join the fray!

>3. lifting language from the work of another writer. this is plagiarism if
>you don't give credit to the original source, citation if you do credit.

>my own recent writing has been in the third vein.

I for one would be quite interested to read some of this work.

My main tack is also as a writer, but little of my work in this area is

Another poet friend of mine has put other people's poems through an anagram
generator, and has also named poems after anagrams of other poet's names and
then parodied their style. He hasn't published any of this and I don't
think he plans to, as some of the poets are his friends and people he
doesn't want to hurt or make enemies of.

A piece I assembled (I don't want to say wrote, or even made) recently
consisted of a newspaper report on the Columbine massacre. The only changes
I made to the article were replacing the name Harris and Klebold with
Clinton and Milosevic, and Columbine with Kosovo. (It was inspired by
seeing CNN switch directly from questions as to why children would do such
violent things to coverage of the Kosovo bombing, and also Clinton's
hypocritical lecturing students on nonviolence.) I didn't add my name to
the byline and left the copyright notice fully intact.

I don't think of myself as having written the piece, or created it. The
changes I made to it are extremely slight, and I'm not sure if it qualifies
as being a new entity. The fact is, I'm not sure exactly what category it
falls into.

Anyone have any thoughts as to the nature of a piece like that?

Andrew Lander

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