Re:[rumori] Cheatahs? (literature, lifting and the law)

kristie (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 23:15:18 -0700

>->>From: kristie <>
>->>i fantasize sometimes about a constitutional amendment which makes the
>->>legal process free. that would level the playing field a bit for a little
>->>while, huh?
>nice fantasy. but who would pay the lawyers? the government?
>unfortunately most of the reason all this litigation takes place is
>because lawyers make money from it. They're the only ones winning, in the
>long run. so they have a vested interest in making sure it keeps

that's why it's fantasy and not something i'm working to make happen. :) of
course, in my fantasies we also abolish mone, and simply divide up the
work. some people paint houses, some grow food, some make music.

yeah, i know.

that's why it's a fantasy.


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