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On Fri, 9 Jul 1999, kristie wrote:

>that's why it's fantasy and not something i'm working to make happen. :) of
>course, in my fantasies we also abolish mone, and simply divide up the
>work. some people paint houses, some grow food, some make music.
>yeah, i know.
>that's why it's a fantasy.

yup, in know. I thought of that as i was pushing "send" on my response.

We're the same. I have those kinds of fantasies as well.

 I operate on two (or maybe more) levels when thinking about this sort of
thing, one where I beleive a few incremental changes can be made to
society/law/whatever to actually make things a little better; another
where i think about a utopian alternative universe like what you describe
above - abolish money, property and the state, not to mention lawyers and
copyright. Usually at that point is where i or someone else starts joking
about marxists. :-)

Anyway my point i guess (I'm sort of just realizing this right now) is
that it's interesting to have discussions in both modes, and even to
freely slip back and forth between them, as long as everyone understands
they exist and can kind of sort out when someone is one or the other. Of
course whenever one steps between one mode and the other it's too be
expected that someone else might not catch it. And perhaps the fact that
everyone's line between these levels is a little (or a lot) different is
what is at the core of many debates here on this list. One person's
realistic plan is another's wild fantasy. heh.

keep on dreaming...


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