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>TIPS & TRICKS_________________________________________________
>___________________________________KEEPING YOUR CONTENT RIGHTS
>No matter what kind of site you have, your visitors like to know that
>your site is trustworthy. There are many ways you can do this, but
>one of the easiest and most important is putting a copyright notice
>on your site. For example, on this newsletter our copyright notice is
>Copyright 1999 by Netscape. You'd be surprised how a few words could
>change the perception of your site. Make sure your copyright notice
>is updated each year as soon as possible. If your content has been
>featured on the site over the span of calendar years be sure to use
>the starting year to the current year, 1996-1999. Keep in mind that
>not only will your visitors be interested in seeing how long you have
>been around, but so will the search engines. We've heard that Yahoo!
>in particular acknowledges copyright notices and their dates when
>evaluating sites to include in their directory. Copyrights may also
>assist if or when another person uses your site's content.
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