[rumori] Disconnected chatter.

Taylor McLaren (pasteATinterlog.com)
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 00:56:20 -0400

I quite like this post-a-random-excerpt-for-discussion-or-digestion thing.
>From a Village Voice piece on the Interactive Music Xpo from a couple of
weeks ago, then, we bring you two classic pronouncements from everybody's
favourite corporate lackey, Hillary Rosen.

"No artist, no matter how visionary, will ever forgive you if you fuck
up their sales at Wal-Mart," Hilary Rosen, CEO and president of the RIAA,
told the crowd in her keynote address.
  "The marketplace is tricky," Rosen says. "I don't know what it will be;
it's up to the consumer to decide. But look at Amazon. They don't make
money now because they spend so much on marketing and promotion - getting
people to their site. The hard costs of [marketing] music online may not
be that much different than [marketing] CDs."


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