[rumori] Hoo-hah

Mon, 30 Aug 1999 02:13:07 -0500

(Company press release with editorandums and deleteria throughout...)

Yahoo! Raises Curtain on Yahoo! Digital
August 24, 1999
SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) Yahoo! Inc. (... blah! blah! blah!
)... today announced the launch of Yahoo!(R) Digital
(http://digital.yahoo.com), Yahoo!'s new multimedia digital site. The new
property gives Yahoo! users the ability to watch and listen to Internet
broadcasts from today's top music talent; preview music as well as download
and purchase both secure and open audio files, including MP3; remix
*selected* [*editorandum: the key word here is "selected"*] music tracks
online; view ... blah blah blah blah blah... users will also be able to
self-publish and sell their own music online.

Users also have the opportunity to remix songs from some of music's most
popular artists, including David Bowie ("Fame"), Luscious Jackson (
"Ladyfingers"), Moby ("Body Rock"), and Queen Latifah ( "Latifah's Had It
Up 2 Here"). Using software, fans can turn their browser into a miniature
sound studio. Each instrument is on a different track that users can boost,
mute, solo or adjust the rhythm. The result is a rendition of the original
tune, personally created by the user. Additional artists will be added to
the remix list in the coming months.

[editorandum: sounds like they're providing canned moozak ("some of music's
most popular!") like the "100 Most Popular Songs Of All Time" that come
with $99 electronic keyboards ("When the Saints Come Marching In", etc.)...].

Yahoo! users who have dreamed of becoming a rock star, a smooth jazz
artist, a country music singer, or another style of musical performer, now
have their golden opportunity. Beginning Mon., Aug. 30, "Yahoo! Open Mic"
will provide users the ability to submit their personal musical renditions

[editorandum: Oh, God, no!!!! ... it's Karaoke online!!!]

No mention in the release anywhere about copyright issues...

Using bottled software, fuddled fans can turn their paddles into
noodle-eating poodles. By the wondrous-smelling stacks on different tracks,
fans can boost, solo or adjust, sir! Just look at those zummers! Try them!
They come along humming. Do you sing with their browser into a shame! No!
And when tweetle beetles battle with a different track, that's what Zummers
call zumming! It is chewing! And cheese! For birthday lunch, fans can turn
their browser into a ham.

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