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this is really from bob...

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Sorry Steev, I know this is going to bounce since it's
the wrong address, but I had to get to this before it
got any older. (anyone know how to change the "from"
field in yahoo.mail?)

--- The Evolution Control Committee <eccATpobox.com>

> I have to wonder at times just how "extreme" the concept of
> unauthorized sampling is. I just found a tape in a thrift store of
> some stoned people who made an audio letter on one side of the tape,
> then made a fairly basic collage on the other. Kids in grade school
> are shuttled into art class where they cut up magazines and collage
> them together onto construction paper. I think that the desire to make
> cut-ups is fairly natural, which is why even fairly mainstream types
> can enjoy things like "Christianity Is Stupid". We might not be as
> extreme as we (or they) think.

I think there's this sense amongst youth that makes
them learn to engage the world as a text that they
have to find different relationships with, including a
position to observe and learn from, a position to
engage with dialogically, a place to withdraw and hide
from it, and a place to stand and cut bits out of to
re-shape into new constructions that fit the world
based on their individual perspective.

This sense probably lasts unfettered until roughly the
point that you realize that the world's rules are more
substantial than your will. About the time you get
busted for shoplifting candy, or spray painting a
wall, or speeding, the idea that the world will crush
you like a bug if you don't obey has to coexist with
your vision that world can be made to fit into your
view of it. At that point people can then learn that
there can be sanctions for "stealing" someone else's
"idea." Fron there the damage is done, and whatever
pleasure people have in making or appreciateing
collage is forever sullied by the thrill/threat of it
being "forbidden."

Just some more pontificating....

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