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oops, doing it again.

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> from ARTnews Summer 99 (sorry i can't type the whole
> thing... so....)

> Defining copyright infringement can be difficult.
> What is the difference
> between painting something in the style of a famous
> artist and copying a
> work? Making the art look familiar but different is
> what Central
> Properties, a prop house in Manhattan, does with a
> computer program called
> New York Displays. They might take a Rothko and
> fiddle with it -- changing
> the colors, for instance -- to make it Rothko-esque.
> But producing works
> that closely resemble the master' is dangerous
> territory. In Paramount's
> 1998 movie Snake Eyes, starring Nicholas Cage, a
> dirigible appears
> on-screen painted with a cloud-filled eye that looks
> like Magritte's
> painting The False Mirror minus the eye-lid. "The
> artist's estate decided
> that it was not only derivitive but vulgar," says
> Decker.

Just heard from a source very close to the artist in
question that photographer Sally Mann identified one
of her works in _Titanic_ - albeit as converted to a
painting by director Jim Cameron. Apparently a couple
other famous photographer's works turned up similarly.
A settlement was reached, but I have no idea for how
much. Apparently the likeness was so close that even
the jump from one media to another was deemed
inadequate variation. I believe she was the only
living artist "violated" in this fashion in the film.

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