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Here's what's new at ©ut and paste™, the cut 'n' mix culture portal at:

Labor Day's labor: New content, new & improved design, new art on the front
door, and lots lots more links.

Also, hot off the press in the "news you can reuse" dept.:

09.06.99: Roedelius Goes Digital Route in Creating a Sonic Collage, by
Steve Hochman, Los Angeles Times.

09.05.99: convex tv.'s third onair/online program is dedicated to the
question of formats. tracks: convex tv., hüsker dü, lo-ser gameboy
pocketnoise, erik satie, throbbing gristle, unrest. texts: bild, william s.
burroughs, john cage, convex tv., hubert fichte, r. buckminster fuller,
allen ginsberg.

09.03.99: "Sounds Like Art" festival showcases oft-ignored medium, by David
Bonetti, San Francisco Examiner

August 1999: The Law of Increasing Returns: When piracy is as easy as a
mouseclick, the 18th-century edifice upon which the legal protection of
intellectual property rests threatens to collapse. By Vito Peraino, A Wired
Magazine Special Report on Downloadable Music, Video, and More

08.27.99: Leap of Faith: Known for working small, mail artist Ray Johnson
finally makes it big. by Mark Bloch, ABCNews.com.

July/August 1999: New Art Examiner special issue: Appropriation. Editorial
by Kathryn Hixson, "The appropriative strategies pioneered by artists in
the late 1970s and early 1980s are now ubiquitous. ... With 20 years of
appropriation art under our belts... its history and strategies are now
part of the ground water, quietly and always determining the way we think."
Print issue includes "A Manifesto for Reconstruction": What's the point of
robbery when nothing is worth taking? By Karl Erickson and Andrew
Falkowski. Two artists consider the shifting function of appropriation in
art and in everyday life after the deconstructive bite has been tempered by

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