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>From: Bob Boster <>
>> I have to wonder at times just how "extreme" the concept of
>> unauthorized sampling is. ...
>I think there's this sense amongst youth that makes
>them learn to engage the world as a text that they
>have to find different relationships with, including a
>position to observe and learn from, a position to
>engage with dialogically, a place to withdraw and hide
>from it, and a place to stand and cut bits out of to
>re-shape into new constructions that fit the world
>based on their individual perspective.

    Hmmm, I could buy that... after all, all the world is but an influence
on a kid (or an adult). The more wily ones are going to realize that and
try to influence the world right back... it's natural for kids to mimic
their fave movie stars or sports heroes, and to parody figures they don't
like. Why shouldn't that extend to using copyrighted materials to do it?
It's kind of ironic that while reworking materials of your heroes is
illegal, parodying those you dislike is (technically) protected by Fair
Use... not that this has any relevence in real life of course.

>This sense probably lasts unfettered until roughly the
>point that you realize that the world's rules are more
>substantial than your will. About the time you get
>busted for shoplifting candy, or spray painting a
>wall, or speeding, ... the point when your immortality/invulnerability bubble bursts. :-)

>... At that point people can then learn that
>there can be sanctions for "stealing" someone else's
>"idea." Fron there the damage is done, and whatever
>pleasure people have in making or appreciateing
>collage is forever sullied by the thrill/threat of it
>being "forbidden."

    Though the funny thing is that there's no examples which teach people
this. The average person probably couldn't come up with a good tale where
someone got into serious shit for copyright abuse, save for maybe the
occasional urban legend where Disney spray-paints over unauthorized Mickey
Mouse paintings on nursery school walls (which isn't a legend of course).
Even though 2 Live Crew's case went to the Supreme Court a few years ago,
common public knowledge doesn't really have a well-known lesson that tells
kids "don't do that or THIS will happen to you too"... or does it? Am I
missing one?

>Just some more pontificating....

    ...and a little point-defecating from me.

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