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Steev Hise (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 17:44:58 +0000 ( )

on Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Thom ranted:

>first off, I'm not sure if its exactly relevant to the explicit purpose of
>the list, but it is at least tangentially relevant.
>read the list of references
>and then read the article, because its interesting and well researched.

yes, nice article. though it seems to be more of a broad overview of the
field than something with a clear point or thesis.

[ btw, he quotes the entire second half of the Detritus manifesto. which
is great but he doesnt credit it. oh, wait, actually, i was reading a
the web version does link to detritus in the paragraph above. ( brings up
an interesting issue about academic writing on the web. how to translate
it to print without losing information? ) ]

anyway, it's good. thanx for bringing it to our attention, Thom.


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