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simon bradbury (s_bradburyATyahoo.com)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 11:36:22 -0700 (PDT)

>From www.ntk.net

Wednesday saw the announcement on Nettime of the ICA's
latest network net work: "Warez Installation Art" - an
ftp server running on one of the New Media Centre's
expensive machines, aimed at "creating our own virtual
warez based community in celebration of the BBS gangs
of the Eighties". Who'd have thought that the ICA
could manage to sponsor a decent bit of net.art, for
once? Certainly not the ICA, who had no idea that
someone had wandered in, cracked one of their many
idle Sun boxes and then published an open ftp
account for everyone to use. As is the way of all
warez, the site was removed after a few hours (in the
interim, New Media Centre staff were overheard
wondering aloud why their network was "so slow
today"). There was, though, enough time for the upload
of few genuinely intriguing pieces of ANSI art, a
cracked MP3 encoder (for Linux!), and, de rigeur, the
GNU manifesto. Anyone attempting to upload a clue got
stopped by the ICA firewalls, apparently.


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