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Tape-beatles Make Good with «Good Times»

The Tape-beatles are pleased to announce the release, and immediate availability, of a new Compact Disc Recording, their 5th major audio work, consisting of 23 tracks with a running time of 51 minutes, and entitled «Good Times».

Here as in previous releases, the Tape-beatles make exclusive use of found sound which they bend, shape and otherwise change to suit their ends. These sonic manipulations, sometimes subtle -- often drastic, create new works that can unambiguously be attributed to the Tape-beatles, but at the same time, the sources are there, too. The result is a richly layered, sumptuously produced, carefully conceived and realized audio banquet that may sound familiar, yet is completely new.

The title 'Good Times' refers explicitly to the current state of the economy in the West, and the defining role economic realities play in determining human and cultural possibility. For example, the tracks 'Education of the will' and 'Human machine' take snippets of text from actual interviews with food service workers and combine them with spartan percussion figures, edited and timed to provide a rhythmic backdrop. The text of the piece questions human dignity and fairness in the workplace and how these are often at odds with modes of production in the service industry. The answer to questions raised in this sequence come in the next track, 'Byways of Ghostland' which is a richly detailed kinetic collage of Hollywood style disaster movie soundtrack, suggesting that the result is catastrophe, to the worker and to society.

Further, all the tracks on the album form a tightly knit sequence that looks at the 90s Economic Boom from a number of perspectives. Some hopeful, some humorous, some disparaging, some almost mystical, wistful and yearning. This is how the Tape-beatles work; years of research (the current opus was 3 years in production), painstaking editing and sequencing, and critically observant of the world outside of music and art.

The tracks on 'Good Times' make use of, for example, a speech by 19th-century industrialist Andrew Carnegie, musical riffs from Aaron Copland, a Georgian folk song, physicist Edward Teller discussing the origin of the cosmos, happy ad-speak from a woman's products syndicate, aggressive drums from a stereo test recording by a microphone manufacturer, testimony of Oliver North before the U.S. Congress, a Coca-Cola television commercial, radio interviews with pop musicians, and much more.

'Good Times' is immediately available for purchase via mail or our secure online ordering service visit this page for details:



Those of you who have radio shows or write reviews for a pubication may request a free promotional copy. Just tell us if you plan to give it airplay or review it, and tell us what station you could play it on, or publication the review would appear in.


The Tape-beatles / Public Works Productions P.O. Box 3326 Iowa City IA 52244 -- USA

http://soli.inav.net/~psrf psrfATinav.net

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