[rumori] Fight Club.

Taylor McLaren (pasteATinterlog.com)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 18:49:57 -0400

Erm... since I've already blathered on about the movie in a rah-rah sort of
way, I should at least point out that I also found the (real-time
chronological) ending to seriously weaken the effect of the first two hours
or so, if only because it reduced all of the anti-consumer urges that drove
the Club to being an unwanted split personality (emphasis on the "unwanted"
part, and apologies to anybody who hasn't seen the movie yet and who
wouldn't have spotted that shocking plot twist an hour or so into the
proceedings). But hey, how many other movies run in mall theaters and allow
you to catch even a brief glimpse of a big, fat cock?


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