Re: [rumori] McDonalds... "Would you like fries to go with that smug, self-defacing corporate front?"

Taylor McLaren (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 18:43:53 -0400

MEEP! One Thom wrote (with respect to "Fight Club"):
>And it was terribly dissapointing to see them chicken out with that
>whole "what people really want is to get out debt". And even though they
>did show the followers of Tyler as just adopting the costume of dissension
>without really embracing the principals of liberty, that fact was never
>adequately pointed out for an audience that mostly just saw a bunch of
>cool fight scenes.
Um... maybe I saw different movie or something, but I must have missed the
overwhelming emphasis on blowing up the credit card companies. To me, that
didn't seem to be any more important to the overall point of the movie than
did something like the "human sacrifice" routine outside of the convenience
store or the idea of making soap out of human lard; they were all actions
that gave people opportunities, however slight, to see something outside of
the usual tunnel-vision view of their lives, or at least to be mocked for
not seeing beyond those limits. Sure, the narrative of the movie started
and ended with the bombings, but to my way of thinking, the movie
effectively ended shortly after the car crash, at which point the movie had
explicitly asked what was missing in the lives of the people on screen.
  As for the dismissive approach to the fight scenes that give the movie
its name, I have to say this for them: if nothing else, they at least
prompted a couple of people in both audiences for the screenings that I've
seen so far to murmur uncomfortably at the sight of stage blood. Given the
dead-silent and slack-jawed standard among audiences in the Toronto area
most of the time, I'm willing to call even a vague recognition of the fact
that something is both arousing and distasteful to be a good first step in
getting people to articulate how they actually relate to the world around
them... which is exactly what the fights were supposed to do for the
characters in the movie, non?


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