[rumori] Live vs. preRecorded - Blurb from Roland

Wed, 1 Dec 1999 13:07:39 -0500

from http://www.rolandus.com/users/rug/sum_99/playinglive.html by Jim

"When Are DJ

?s Musicians and Vice Versa?

So far we?ve been talking about the traditional musician, but it?s
important to consider the new breed of DJ-musicians that are becoming more
popular. These performers take a new path toward composing and performance,
and they need new tools to accomplish what they want to achieve on stage.
Many of these artists combine turntables and analog-type synthesizers to
create a new interactive style of music. For examples of this sound, check
out "new breed" performers like the Chemical Brothers, Propellerheads and
Q-Burns Abstract Message artists who break the boundaries between DJ?s and
Our new DJ mixers help to bridge the traditional gap between turntables and
electronic (MIDI) gear. The Roland DJ-2000 Professional DJ Mixer is the
first DJ mixer. ...." [product shpeel] "....Like the birth of rock and
roll, DJ-driven music has caused many "traditional" musicians to scoff at
least initially at its lack of performance elements or lack of perceived
difficulty. However, anyone who?s seen a turntablist scratch or mix with
precision between two records knows that it takes lots of time and skill to
master this art and keep the grooves tight. And anyone who?s looked at the
charts lately knows the profound impact that the post-modern DJ-driven
approach to music-making is having.
The good news for us instrument-playing musicians is that we can now apply
our time-honed musical skills to this new style of music, thanks to
Roland?s Groove gear. After all, whether it?s a guitar, a keyboard or
turntables, it?s all about groovin?."

Just how much does instrument construction dictate the evolution of music?
  The only "serious composer" I can think of who
actually creates his own instruments is Henry Partch. Any others? Alvin

Where do the sounds in a Roland GrooveProduct come from? Musicians?
Engineers? Why aren't they're names in big,
bold letters on the box? Do sample CDs give credit (er, maybe noone
reading rumori has bought one, er....)?

Are the engineers of Roland Inc., avant-garde composers?


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