Re: [rumori] ac/dc vs. the beastie boys

Mr. Fodder (
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 02:13:00 PST

This whole AC/DC thing is great because for years now the "Back in Black"
loop has been appearing on DJ breakbeat records.

Breakbeat records started getting pressed in the early 80's and by the mid
to late 80's you could find them at any dj record shop.
One of the most popular collections are "Breaks, beats and scratches" from
Simon Harris put out on the Music of Life Records label from 1986-1993.
There are 14 volumes to my knowledge and I have the first 13.

nowadays, "breakbeat" is a term also to describe a style of rave music, but
original "breakbeat" records would have a 2 - 8 bar loop of a sample
repeating for anywhere from 2-3 minutes. this way the dj could mix in the
beat and have it playing in the background while mixing other records or
having somebody flow over the beat.

On "Breaks beats & Scratches" volume 8 (put out in 1991) there is a 3 minute
non-stop loop called "Black Beat - bpm 91". Listening to it right now and
laughing. and yep.. culled right from the first bar of "back in black"

AC/DC should know that that sample the B-Boys wanted has already appeared on
hundreds of hip hop records over the years. but of course, we are talking
about the Beastie Boys (big sellers) and not somebody like DJ Joe Schmoo who
has an underground hit played at house parties and bumpin' in cars opposed
to displays in record store windows and coverage on commercial mtv.

>we should try to gather our resources and make a website wholly dedicated
>to sampling nothing but ac/dc. just have tons of audio pieces built solely
>upon ac/dc tracks. can someone get a copy of the beasties tune?
>what's the possibility of getting sued by ac/dc for doing this i wonder?

well... the next Illegal Art CD is in the planning... hmmmmm...

I'll try to contact someone I know about getting a copy of the single as an
mp3. that is .. if it is floating around.....

-- Otis

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