[rumori] Re: artist series : steev hise - original

Anki Toner (ankitoneATarrakis.es)
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:37:09 +0000

> Now the latest stage in my thinking is that I've continued to get more and
> more interested in the political/philosophical side of the sampling issue;
> and, as i've studied more of the related scholarship, I've become
> increasingly convinced that this struggle, this fight for the freedom to
> participate in culture by recycling culture, is really just a symptom, just
> one part of a larger struggle, the struggle against what's called late
> capitalism.

You are not the only one reaching this conclusion. The more I read about
intellectual property, the more worried I am. Have you heard of the
TRIPs (Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights)? Check the Uruguay
Round Agreement on TRIPs:


This is frightening.

Anki Toner

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