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Mark Blacklock (markbATjohnbrown.co.uk)
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 12:28:54 -0000

Hello all
This seems a reasonable to story to end my lurking silence with.
It would seem that internet parody of any kind, no matter how lame (teehee),
is also at risk from litigation.

Playdog' Web Site in Doghouse With Playboy

8:13 AM ET November 22, 1999

  MILLTOWN, N.J. (Reuters) - Canine lover Steve Sackman says he was just
having fun, but Playboy Enterprises isn't rolling
  over for the New Jersey man's Playdog.com Web site.

  Claiming trademark infringement, Playboy is considering a lawsuit against
the 37-year-old bartender from Milltown.

  The Playdog site's typeface is apparently too close for comfort to the
adult entertainment magazine's logo, which goes back to
  its first issue of 1953, said Playboy Enterprises, Inc. spokeswoman
Angela DePaul in Chicago.

  The font is used on bowls, leashes and other products sold on the site.
Playboy's fur is also flying over a Playdog of the Month
  feature, which mimics its famous Playmate of the Month.

  The company fears that readers will think Playdog
(http://www.playdog.com) is an official offshoot of Playboy
  (http://www.playboy.com) since it received an e-mail from a fan who
thought that was the case. It is asking Sackman to
  change the typeface and squelch Playdog of the Month.

  "We do see the humor here, but if there's one site that does this, others
could follow. We risk people being confused as to what
  is Playboy, and what is not," DePaul said.

  The site publishes home photos of dogs, some playfully suggestive, like a
mutt on its back with a dog biscuit across its
  "privates." A warning reads, "While there is dog nudity, this site is
appropriate for viewers of all ages. If you're looking for dirty
  pictures, you're barking up the wrong tree."

  Sackman said he is shocked at Playboy's concern.

  "I'm totally surprised that they even care," Sackman said. "They're this
huge, huge business and I'm a speck of dust ... That
  they consider me a threat is ludicrous.

  "I don't mean to hurt anybody. I just want to play with dogs," he said.

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