[rumori] Appropriation reactionary?

eleven (elevenATblue.weeg.uiowa.edu)
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 09:32:59 -0600

It's an excellent question. There is some subtlety here.

In my view, 'appropriation' is a tool like a 'paintbrush' or a 'guitar'.
There are, of course, reactionary uses for all of these things. They
also can be tools for expressing _originary_ ideas that do not proceed
solely in reaction to other existing ideas or works. I proceed from the
assumption that when I use someone else's work as the raw material for
my own, I am 'reacting' to it _only_ in the same way as a painter
'reacts' to his paint.

The normal usage for the word 'reactionary' implies one is making a
'counter-work' to a work that already exists in an attempt to discredit
or counteract that work. Or that one is voicing a political view with
the same effect. It does not mean that one is simply reacting to
anything at all. If it did, then making a cup of coffee might be
'reactionary' because one is 'reacting' to his or her drowsiness, or

Andrew Lander wrote:
> This reminds me of a question I've thought of a couple of times but never
> asked. Isn't appropriation inherently reactionary?
> Andrew

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